What Is This Site?

yourFIresource.com is where you can find all of your resources for categorized content on financial Independence (FI). This collection consists of advice over a broad spectrum of concepts, but they all have a focus on personal and professional finances. Beyond finances, you’ll also find a collection of resources that  reference topics from philosophy to parenting to relationships to leadership etc… the list goes on. That list can be found under Other Useful Content.

All pages on this site are laid out in a similar format to this one. Simply click on the drop down menus to reveal the hidden content and discover resources of the category you are browsing! You can find new content by digging through the different topics. I’ve laid this site out in a way that is much like a treasure hunt. You never know what you will find unless you explore! I want it to feel like you are DISCOVERING this content just as I did. Later on I may add a page that archives all content.

This site grows at the rate of my content consumption. Whenever I hear or read something that I am compelled to share, I put it in a page on this site.


Who Wrote This?

My name is Chase. I’m about 30 yrs young, and I discovered financial independence through many different forms of media that I intend to share. I want to help others interpret FI for themselves and understand the lifestyle values they can discover using the content that I have used. I aspire to inspire before I retire. I am working toward financial independence every day, and I am seeing results in every aspect of my life. I want to share my discoveries with those who are interested in this stuff, and I want to walk with those who are struggling even more. I have based a solid foundation on the principles of FI, and now I’m working to improve myself and my daily life through lifestyle design. I hope the content that I’ve collected for myself is also useful for you as well. Thanks for sharing your time with me, and good luck on your route to FI!